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Bits and Pieces for Kitty Pi


Kitty Pi

Kitty Pi

During a long, circuitous search for half-Pi shawls, I happened upon this free Kitty Pi  pattern at Wendy Knits. Images of all of my spinning bits and pieces popped into my head. Remember the “fiber sandwich” from spinning class? The first yarn into the Pi. All the horrid first spinning tries, slubs, over-twists, super thin spots – into the Pi. Almost every yucky bit of stuff I spun when first learning is now in the Pi. The final size is 14″ inches diameter by 4″ inches in height. The only non-hand spun yarn is the bit at the top, I used a bit of left-over fancy stuff there. As it was in the washer felting, I thought, “Geeze, I could have made some yarn bowls with it too.”

Trio of Felted Pentafold Moebius Bowls by Liat Gat

Trio of Felted Pentafold Moebius Bowls by Liat Gat

The Trio of Felted Pentafold Moebius Bowls has been in my Ravelry Library for over a year. I still have some yuck yarn left. It’s all white tones so I will have to dye it. Keep posted.

What other projects have you spinners made with your Ugly Duckling bits of pieces from your first spinning experiences?

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Author: Curls & Q

Q is a retired teacher. Both Curls and Q are renaissance women who love to knit, sew, do anything crafty, genealogy, etc.

7 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces for Kitty Pi

  1. This is a great idea. I have quite a collection of odd spinning and other yarn scraps. Perhaps a Christmas gift for the grandcat?

    • Q – Thanks! Mine is a gift for the grand cat! LOL! Didn’t want snoopy daughter to know that. I’ve already had to make a mat from Churro for her so she’d keep out of the hand knits I’ve sent my daughter, and now she’s hogging the floor heater so I figured this might keep her to the side. LOL!

  2. Hi, Mom enjoyed seeing and reading!

  3. This is a very cool idea and I now my cats would love it . . . but I’d have to make many, many of them. ;-)

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