And, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well, today did not turn out at all how I envisioned it would be; dyeing, knitting, and eating bonbons while watching Tom Selleck!  Sigh….. Instead the day was: fix the car’s brakes, do the banking, run other small chores, go to Walmart, etc.  That was the day, left around 9:30 and finally got home around 5.  Did have a small 1/2 hour break when I can home for a breather!  What a day.  It did help immensely that it is another beautiful day; sunny and warm.    I won’t be posting any fabulous knitting items today.  Sorry.

Instead, the small amount of time I was home, I went outside to enjoy the flowers.  My sweet freesias have all bloomed out.  Sadness.  The darn dog ate quite a few of my other favorite plants.  However, I still have enough flowers left to post pictures.  The violet is one of my favorites.  My grandmother adored violets and had violet perfume.  Whenever my violets bloom I feel my grandmother smiling!  My grandparents yard was always a riot of color! My big violets are out front where there is more sun and haven’t bloomed yet, these are my small, “shy” violets!

A surprise visitor to my garden this winter was this cactus!  I don’t have any in my yard, but this popped up in my pea plants.  Thanks to a bird I suppose.  I always have different feeders out for the birds so I get quite a bit of traffic.


I LOVE spinners and have them all over the back yard.  Sad to say one wooden spinner that I got in Okinawa was eaten by the dog.  Dang puppy!  The flower with the spinner is the largest monkey flower I have ever seen!  I grow them every year and none have EVER grown this large.

I love the uniqueness of this flower!  It is growing over the back retaining wall.  Grandma always called it Cat’s Claws.  The nursery sells it as Parrot’s Beak.  I’m going with Cat’s Claws, grandma was born in 1896 and gardened for a heck of a long time, she died at age 94, I think she’s right.  The colors are stunning and I want to dye some yarn in this colorway.  Can’t you just visualize the gradient?

I love having birds and butterflies in the yard, so most of the plants are planted to attract them. I don’t put out hummingbird feeders since I have so much salvia and other plants hummingbirds love.  We have a permanent Anna’s Hummingbird who has actually come to drink from the hose while I was holding it.  If I’m out gardening, he’s always close by.  I love it!  Just get rid of the crows who have scared away a lot of my birds.  I’m hoping to do  some natural dyeing this summer when my garden is in full bloom!


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