The Black Phoebe and Me

~The Black Phoebe has adopted our family, I believe it must be our totem.  It follows us everywhere we go:  hiking, shopping, camping, visiting friends and family! When working, Phoebe would greet me every morning a 6 am. While gardening yesterday I had three constant companions: 1. the dog, 2. Anna’s Hummingbird and 3. Black Phoebe.  Anna’s did a lot of “talking” at me. Flit, flit, flit.  Black Phoebe was having a wonderful time catching bugs.  After a patient 30 minutes, I was finally able to get a shot.  Forget the close-up, the Phoebe moved too much and I have the blurred pictures to show it.

Excited to have a few seedlings.  Yeah!  There is milkweed, which will attract the butterflies in droves. Last summer the seeds were “flying” around the nursery at Cuyamaca College. If you live in the San Diego area this is a must see place.  This milkweed produces beautiful orangish, yellowish flowers.  I actually planted these in peat pots and transferred into this clay pot.

Really happy to see the catnip.  I sprinkled the seeds into the ground in November.  I got a free pack somewhere and thought what-the-heck.  When removing the ranunculus, I was pleasantly surprised to see some catnip seedlings had popped up.  Our Maddie Khat loves catnip so this is great.  I have some in a pot that I break off for her.

Just had to take another picture of the Monkey Flower because I find the size so amazing.  I see it everyday outside of the kitchen window.  Look and the size and beautiful colors!

Bought this Blanket Flower variety at the college nursery last summer.  It has continued to bloom throughout the year.  Amazing!  Lasted through the little bit of frost we had.

Now, doesn’t this final dye from the yarn yesterday look like the center of the blanket flower?  What should I knit with this?  Think a hat would look great!


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