A Tisket a Tasket, What a Wonderful Basket!

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” ~ American Proverb

And that’s the truth!  When Barb and I went to St. Vincent de Paul’s Thrift Shop I found this fabulous basket for $10.  It is wonderful.  I needed a big basket for the fibers that I am collecting: one that the cat can’t sleep in and the dog can’t grab bits of fluff out of.  Took it outside and gave it a good scrubbing.  Good as new.  Lined the bottom with muslin and lavender sachets.  A steal!

Our purpose in going to the store was to find sweaters to recycle.  We look for sweaters which are mostly natural fibers.  This is the  $5 sweater that I found which is 63% Mohair Wool and 37% Acrylic.  It is a lovely shade of peach.  The sweater really has a lovely knit pattern.  Just not the right size and too hot for me.  When looking for a sweater to recycle, make sure you look at the seams.  It is important that the seams are joined by a chain stitch and NOT overlocked.  If the seams are overlocked that means that the yarn has been cut on each side and so if you unravel you’ll just have small bits of yarn.  If you’re not sure what overlock is, look at the inside of a purchased shirt, dress, etc see how the seam has been finished.  Color doesn’t really matter since you can always over-dye.

Curls found this 100% Silk sweater a steal for $5.  Another wonderful spring color.  Who knows, she might decide to over-dye, this really isn’t one of her colors.

At the Goodwill, I found this $7 sweater to recycle.  It is a rich shade of deep purple, my favorite color.  It is a blend of 55% silk, 33% nylon, 10% Angora Rabbit Hair and 2% Lambswool.  Beads and sequins covered the front, which I had to cut off.  Luckily, I was able to find the correct end of the chain stitch and pulled the string, it was like opening sugar bags! Notice how I unwind the rows directly onto my ball winder.  If you try this make sure you start unwinding from the last knit/purl row- usually opposite of the cuff or ribbing.  Mindlessly, I first started to unwind as the sweater was knit, from the ribbing end.  Took a bit to figure out why it wasn’t working. lol

Really, where else could we have purchased that much yarn that cheaply? Now all that’s left for us to do is to decide what to knit!  So many patterns, so little time.

6 thoughts on “A Tisket a Tasket, What a Wonderful Basket!

  1. What great finds!! The basket is beautiful and what good shape it’s in. I really want to try unraveling a sweater. I can’t believe I’ve ever thrown one out! Love the purple.


  2. That basket is lovely. I love baskets, and had a nice collection. I sa ‘had’ because it looks like my daughter shares my love for baskets and has politely asked me for some for her art, sewing, and now crochet projects. How could I refuse my crafty girl? 😉

    You stumbled upon some amazing sweaters for recycling too. I have one sweater that I might overdye, but first I need to see if that’s ok to do with 100% cashmere. It’s so nice to see others that recycle sweaters too. Any recommendations for a ball winder?

    You know… I’m slightly tempted to try and make one for myself, because of the stories I’ve read about some yarn ball winders breaking down. Then again, I could always purchase a manual ball winder.


    • Daughters! What can you do with them? 😎 And then there is a granddaughter. 😎 One of my bigger baskets with a nice handle became the doll bed/carrier for my g-daughter. 😎 Now that she is in Hawaii, I’ve reclaimed it! One just can’t refuse those adorable girls. 😎 My mom did the same thing. 😎

      I have the typical, manual winder that is found in LYS, I did order online. What I don’t like is the handle is maybe an inch long and it’s hard to hold on to. My arthritis has a hard time with it. I keep saying I’m going to see if I can attach a longer piece of wood to it. Hey, maybe a bit of PVC pipe would fit over it? HUM, will check that out today and let you know!

      I honestly do not know if cashmere can be over dyed. My husband had a beautiful cashmere sweater which his mom threw in the washer during one of her visits. Sigh….. Now she certainly knew better!


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