Things Come in Threes

 ~Sunday my husband and I did the CicLAvia event in Los Angeles. This was the third time that we participated in this extraordinary event. Ten miles of street are blocked off for walkers, joggers, bike riders, etc. We rode our bikes and had a super time. The event is held twice a year in April and in October. Check out their website and commit to the next ride which is on Sunday, October 14, 2012.

We started the ride in Boyle Heights at Hollenbeck Park, at 10 am. This is me on my red Vespa aka electric bike. The main reason my husband bought the bike for me is so I could keep up with him and ride the whole distance. I am slow going up some of the hills. California is not flat!  Unless you are in one of the inland, farming valleys.


This is a shot looking towards downtown LA. We are at MacArthur Park about half way. This is the farthest I made it the last two rides, but this time I had my snazzy Vespa and made it to the end, Bicycle District. We went through a lot of colorful areas; Little Toyko, City Hall, Jewelry District, etc. My favorite bike through place by far was the Fashion District! I could have spent all day there looking at all the fabrics. This is going to be Q’s and my next road trip for sure. Blocks and blocks of fibers to touch and feel. Yum!

One of the coolest places was the Coca Cola Bottling Co. plant. They were giving out free cokes. As you can see their building is shaped as a cruise ship. How crazy is that?



At the close of a wonderful day, I fell and hurt my ankle. I was the 3rd family member within a month who hurt an ankle. 1. My eight year old granddaughter hurt her ankle the Friday before Easter Vacation.  She had a talent show at school and still managed to dance. 2. It is a mystery how my husband sprained his ankle about 10 days ago. 3. And I am the 3rd to hurt an ankle. My bike and I went down very gracefully. I was standing still and over I went. What a sight! I was sitting on the ground still holding onto the handle bars. I am glad it happen after the 18 mile bike ride so it was a short motor to our truck. Q still swears that my Vespa turned into Christine.

It was my own personal “Things Come in Threes” again: the 3rd ride, the 3rd ankle, and 3 wounds, my ankle and both knees. Q was right – Sunday really was Friday the 13th.

Just so you’re impressed, this is the route.


3 thoughts on “Things Come in Threes

  1. I am impressed-that is a long route! You look SO ready on that bike though! I can’t imagine miles of fabric. The closest I can get to that is Joann’s around the corner. Lucky you! Everything happens in California, doesn’t it? 🙂


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