The Dog Ate My Garden – Really!

q8Who me?  Yes, you!  This is Hans – who shows his appreciation for my garden in a very unique way.  He eats my plants!!! We’ve never had a large dog before, I didn’t have a clue as to how different they are from the small ones we’ve had.  Hans is still a pup – he was born in September.  He’s a wonderful Golden Doodle – very sweet temperament.  Definitely NOT a guard dog.  My husband fell in love with this breed when we saw one working as a therapy dog a few years ago.  I was just too dumb to tell him no. lol!  When I told Alan that I was going to write about our “bad” dog, Alan said I’d better not make the dog sound evil. 😎

So this is the damage.  He ate:  All of the pea plants, an orchid plant, a butterfly plant, the marigolds, the chives, all the various herbs, the Job’s Tears seedlings, salad lettuce mixture, just to name a few.  He also dug up the cabbage as well as huge holes around the yard. See some of the damage.


I have to admit I was really getting upset. Solution so that I can keep my sanity?  I moved a large part of the potted plants to one side of the yard and put up that orange barrier tape so Pup can’t get to them.  Look how attractive. This is the new dog’s-eye-view.

It’s been a few days and the dog hasn’t beat the barrier yet!!  Hurrah!  So, today I planted tomatoes, banana peppers, basil, chives and onions.   The tape cuts off half the yard which includes my seedling area.  He ate all of the coconut seedling pots.  May not be an attractive addition to the yard, but at least I feel calmer knowing my plants will be ok!  Old friends visited me in the garden today:  a Monarch butterfly, a Gulf Fritillary (our home’s totem butterfly), and a Cabbage Butterfly.  Take that Hans! 😎

Just got this text from Barb aka Curls:

“Me bird watching.”

Of course I’m a bird watcher too and was glad she called to share the birds she’s seen so far: Northern Oriole, Western Kingbird, House Finch, and another flycatcher that wouldn’t land.  See how she still is resting that swollen ankle and bruised knees from Sunday’s biking incident.

Since both of us write in the blog, it can be confusing for readers to know who writes what.  Maybe you noticed that we tried “Q” and “Curls”- didn’t look really great.  While surfing blogs, I saw that another shared blog used tags so readers could tell the author.  So our new tags:

curls =  This means that Barbara aka Curls wrote the post.  She has her nickname because she has wonderful curly hair.

= This means that Susan aka Susie Q aka Q wrote the post.  In the 4th grade there were seven Susans and seven Stevens.  We had to come up with nicknames.  Since my family called me Susie Q I went with that.  Barb has always called me “Q” or “Q-bers”.

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