Change that to: We’re NOT Vanilla Types of Gals

 A few years ago I saw this Banjo Cable pattern in the book Knitting the New Classics.  I was so excited to try it.  I have wanted to knit an off white Aran-looking sweater for ever. I started knitting and couldn’t get any further.  The color was so boring to knit  I just couldn’t knit one stitch more.  I had to show Q my vanilla project when she was over to visit yesterday.  When we looked at it, not only was it on perfectly good circular needle but low and behold there were the wonderful heart stitch markers that Q made for me.  The color!  Blah!  We decided for sure it had to be dyed.  We definitely are NOT vanilla types of gals!  Time to be a frog and rip-it, rip-it, rip-it.

We had such a wonderful time and got quite a bit accomplished, which we will be sharing.  Q was so excited because a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher landed on a rose bush not far from where we were sitting.  It was a first for her.  Then a female Phainopepla landed on one of my oak trees.  I’d never seen one before.  It’s big crest sticking up from it’s head. We spent the entire day outside in the glorious sun.  Don’t hate us those of you who still have bad weather. 😎

This picture is just a hint of what’s to come:

If I had been thinking I would have been all dolled up for the photo.


6 thoughts on “Change that to: We’re NOT Vanilla Types of Gals

  1. Your cables are superb! I am not a vanilla girl either, I think. But sometimes I do a vanilla project…Your knowledge of bugs and critters is astounding! I can’t tell one from another. Do you teach? Scratch that sentence before last. I DO know what a bee is and I had one that landed on my leg yesterday while driving. If you could have seen the commotion in my car….lol! How’s that book, by the way? Any good photos?


    • Q – I’m a retired teacher. Taught science for 12 years then my right brain kicked in and I switched to computer – aided graphic design, web design, etc. I know the commotion! Last fall, while driving my husband and my best friend, a bee landed on my leg while I was driving on the freeway – I almost had a heart attack! We will be posting photos. LOL


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