Don’t You Love Surfing Blogs?

q8~ We are so thankful to all of the people who have taken the time to drop by and visit our blog.  Seeing all of the different countries represented tickles us.  In turn, we LOVE to surf the blogs.  We have met many new blog friends.  The problem arises when they have such wonderful advice, ideas, projects, etc that we just have to jump on board.  My budget is groaning because of three new blog friends.  Spinning Wool; Beyond the Basics by Anne Field arrived today.  I had to purchase it after it was highly recommended by Weekend Knitter.  The wool she has spun into yarn is fabulous! I REALLY want to order yarn from some of the places she recommended. I expected another book to arrive yesterday; Knitting In The Nordic Tradition by Vibeke Lind.  After Karen Berthine of the Sweaty Knitter wrote about and showed us a wonderful lacy cast on method she tried from the book I just had to have the book.  The picture of the lacy cast on was just too delicious!  Something new to try.  And then there is Marjorie in I Dye Every Day. I know my dying frenzy is partly because of her wonderful examples and ideas!  I was excited this morning to see that a fellow blogger clicked on my page link to go visit her ginkgo leaves! I mean, have you seen the fabulous fabric she has dyed? I thank you ladies for your inspirations, but my wallet not so much! 😎

Welcome today to Switzerland, Finland and India!  Places that are on my bucket list!  Someday…..

Husband and I are headed out for a breakfast date.  And then….  off to purchase dyes for cotton, thanks Marjorie. 😎 I have a 40% off coupon at Blick Art.  What’s not to love on this wonderful Earth Day?


2 thoughts on “Don’t You Love Surfing Blogs?

  1. Okay, you’ve encouraged me to pull out my wheel! It’s safe and sound in the back of a closet (otherwise the grandchildren try to “ride the pedal). I’ve always got several fiber projects going simultaneously – and clearly it’s an “out of sight, out of mind” phenomenon as I haven’t spun in quite some while! So now I HAVE to pull out my Schacht wheel ….


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