And the Wrecking Begins!

q8~ This is the book:

In any book, the first part to fill in is the “name plate”, and that’s just what we’ve done.  The Wrecking Begins!

Remember that I’m Not A Vanilla Gal – I had to dye the pages messily with ink pads.  Artist’s tape is perfect for inking and stamping. Added my name to each tape strip.  Used markers to fill in the S and the L. The inks bleed through which is great for making a wreck of the journal!

After we do the page numbers, the pages will be picked by Barb opening up the journal to a random page.  This won’t be an every week event, it will probably take a year to get through the journal!  The fun is just beginning.  Stay tuned, get the book, and join us!


2 thoughts on “And the Wrecking Begins!

  1. I love that! I used to do that with my sketchbooks. I liked to cut into them…I hope that doesn’t correspond to some dark, crazy pent-up desires…

    And I’d like to “formally” nominate you for the Sunshine Award. Very deserving blog, indeed!! 🙂


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