It’s Happening on the Diagonal!

q8~Mega thanks to Weekend Knitter who nominated us for a Sunshine Award.  As we said, our new blog friends are the best!

Remember the books I mentioned on Sunday:  Spinning Wool: Beyond The Basics by Anne Field and Knitting in the Nordic Tradition by Vibeke Lind?  Great books!!!!!  (Ok, I admit, I’m an exclamation point person.)

Knitters!  If you are looking for new techniques and ideas.  Knitting in the Nordic Tradition is the book for you! What fabulous ideas.  The Sweaty Knitter, Karen, was so right when she had to grab needles and yarn and try the lace cast on.  Go over to her site and see the results! I’m a “book jumper”, I get so excited when I get a new craft book/magazine that I just start flipping all over the place.  I found an intriguing diagonal knitting on p. 13.  Now, I’ve done short rows that turn out looking diagonal, but I’ve never just knit diagonally.  So, it happened on the diagonal! Isn’t this great!  Think I need to knit another cake cover to see how this diagonal acts in a project!  I wonder if it would make a good ribbing?

Cast on the number of stitches you want, I did 20.  The above is a tweed yarn and US 8 needles.

1.  Purl
2. Knit the second stitch before the first stitch. (Do not pull this stitch over the first stitch), now knit the first stitch.  Pull both first and second stitch off of the left needle and drop, the two new stitches are still on the right needle. Knit the fourth stitch, now knit the third stitch.  Repeat this stitch jumping across the row.
3. Purl
4. Knit 1, knit the third stitch before the second stitch, knit the fifth stitch before the fourth stitch, repeat across the row.

These four rows are continued throughout the item.

Another great tip I’d never read before is that when you make a swatch, wait a few hours so that the yarn can relax back to its natural state.

Curls is looking for a lace edging for her machine knit pinwheel sweater, one that knits “out” so she doest have a zillion stitches to pick up, there are examples in the book. Get this book!

Spinners! Spinning Wool: Beyond The Basics is the book for you!  Weekend Knitter nailed it!  I’m such a visual person that I finally understand some the concepts my spinning teacher just talked about.  One exciting idea is that you can dye gray yarn.  When on our Northwest Journey, all of the fiber I purchased was gray. Crazy huh?  Just a blurb I saw on page 141, Machine-Knitted Jersey, the author mentioned that the grey fiber had been dyed.  All right!  I’m going to try to dye some of that gray!

The sun came out today asking me to come out and play with my brand new extension tube for my Canon.  See how close I was able to come in the picture above.  Woo hoo!  Flowers here I come!


8 thoughts on “It’s Happening on the Diagonal!

  1. Oh I LOVE dying grey wool. The colors come out lovely, heathered and muted! I’m glad you like Lind’s book. I’ve had it for years, and it’s a regular on my nightstand for evening perusing!


  2. Oohhh….that other book sounds like a good one too! I can’t wait until they put all of the crafts books on kindle! And I’m glad you liked that book. I’m visual too so I needed that.

    Hey, you got a new toy! I can’t wait to see what you do with that!


    • I do love my Kindle! And my new toy is, as my mom says, GRAND! I can get right into the flowers. I had them for my old 35 mm Minolta, and really missed having them on the Canon. Yeah! I saw your post with your new lens, so I know you get it! lol!


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