Sister Barbara, My Knitting Hero

q8~ It may seem odd to write about the co-author of the blog, but my sister Barb, AKA Curls, is my knitting hero.  She has been since we were young.

Barbara has the patience of a saint.  She had made TONS of sweaters and big projects and actually finishes them.  She’ll tackle any knitting project; simple to complicated.  In this picture, she made the fabulous Herdis sweater, the Fisherman’s Rib scarf and the Urchin hat.  The scarf she actually knit twice.  She did not like the first try which was straight garter stitch, so she unravelled it and knit again using the Fisherman’s Rib.  It makes the scarf!  She has an eye for what works and what doesn’t.  The scarf looked fine in the garter stitch, but this stitch just pops out the gradient and beauty of the fabric.  Not only is she a wonderful hand knitter, she does an amazing job machine knitting.  I’m sorry she hasn’t posted any of these projects.  It is a mystery to me how she can purchase yarn that I think ho hum and then turns it into something fantastic! All of us who are recipients of her hand knits are truly blessed.


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