3KCBWDAY4 – A Knitter or Crocheter For All Seasons?

q8 ~Sorry for the very late post today.  Alan and I spent last night in Los Angeles.  We went to a fantastic Adobe Lightroom seminar at the LA Convention Center today.  It was a daylong event.  Just got home 5 minutes ago at 10 pm.  Exhausted, but I have to post today’s challenge. 😎

Do the seasons affect my knitting?  First, let it be known that except for the first nine months of my life which were spent in Texas, I have spent my life in Southern California, mostly in San Diego’s East County.  Too hot to even think of knitting in the summer since I have very sweaty hands.  That’s when I sew or do other creative “things”.  I knit like crazy in the fall and winter.  Then I knit hand warmers, hats, and scarves.  I’ll throw in a few shawls.  I’m not really much of a sweater wearer.  I do love to knit lace in any season.

I did find in my winter trip to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, that it was way too cold and gloomy for me.  I never realized how affected I’d be by that.  On Barb’s and my fiber jaunts, I only purchased gray fiber.  What the heck was that all about?  You’d think that I’d crave for bright colors.  Go figure……  Speaking for sister Barb, she knits all year long and knits what ever strikes her fancy.  She’ll knit long sleeved sweaters in the summer.  She lives at a higher elevation where it does get colder and will periodically snow, that’s what probably makes the difference.

But speaking of seasons, this year has been crazy weather time.  It was 80 on Monday and by Tuesday in the 60’s, today it rained.  On the way home, Karen will be interested to know, once we hit San Diego it did a LOT of spitting on us!   So, Monday hands too hot to knit the angora scarf that is almost done.  And now, it’s cold enough.


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