3KCBWDAY5 “Something A Bit Different” day

q8~This may not be the “Something A Bit Different” as far as blogs go, but it definitely is a bit different as knitted items go.  Our blog about Neck Candy a bit ago mentioned a unique piece of “neck candy” that I’d be sharing.  Now is the time.  This is my unique neck candy item to knit:

I knit a cover for my earbuds!  The kit was from “Knit Outta The Box“.  It came as a complete kit, including knitting needles!  Basically it is an iCord knit around the earbuds.  I LOVE to listen to audiobooks.  Download them for free from the library.  What I don’t like, is how the earbud cords always tangled.  Now, that is no longer a problem!  Hurray!  There was also a pattern for a little pocket to put the earbuds in, I don’t think they’ll ever be disconnected from my iPod long enough for that.  Clever idea!  Check out their site for other cute ideas!


5 thoughts on “3KCBWDAY5 “Something A Bit Different” day

  1. Had to share this. My BF dislikes ear bud cords and misses a pair he had from Sony that were coated with some sort of nylon. They eventually died and we have never found the right replacement. This might be it.


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