​Talk about Serving Up The Skinny!

Picture of my daughters at Emily’s wedding this past December. Sarah, on the right, had a baby the month before.

Talk about Serving Up The Skinny! Not to brag, but my wonderful daughters have started a joint website: Serving Up The Skinny.  Their note says: “3 Sisters Serving Up The Skinny on Food, Fashion and Fitness. Get unique recipes, menus, the latest fashion and fitness tips and more all in one place”.  I am so excited by their site.  They kept it a secret from their dad and me wanting to surprise us.   I have tasted some of the recipes they posted and they are FANTASTIC.  I did tell them that Alan and I are the official tasters so every recipe had better be sent to the tasters first.  Sarah lives in Hawaii, Darcey lives in Texas, so that just leaves Emily here, in San Diego, to make everything ahead of time for us to taste! 8-).  Also, they are offering a chance to win a KitchenAid 4.5 Quart Professional Mixer!  Who wouldn’t want that? And no, family members cannot enter!  Dang!

While you are at it, check out theDealyo for some wonderful shopping deals.  There are links to freebies, deep discounts, coupons, etc.  It really has save a bunch of $$ for us.  Is there anyone who doesn’t like that?  Daughter Darcey started theDealyo, it’s become so popular that now daughter Emily is pitching in to help. theDealyo is always hosting free give-aways.  Don’t miss out.

To say I’m proud of my girls is an understatement.  Do yourselves a favor and visit both sites and “like” them on Facebook.

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