What the Heck Ate Dad’s Naked Lady?

Haw haw, doing a little giggle here wondering if anyone came to this site looking for pictures of a naked lady!  Not to offend! 😎  My dad gave us kids some of his Amaryllis plants, aka naked ladies, some years ago.  Usually my naked lady produces wonderful, vibrant, beautifully-formed blooms.  This year some pest, probably a snail, started eating the blooms.  I even moved it clear across the yard, but alas, something ate my dad’s naked lady.  But, it still makes me smile and think of my dad who passed away a few years ago.  Now HE had a green thumb!  Barb lives in the mountains where it is colder, so her’s hasn’t bloomed yet.  Hopefully, her’s will be gorgeous so you’ll get to see a magnificent bloom!

My daughters’ website was down due to WordPress server problems yesterday.  If you didn’t get a chance to “visit” and register to win the mixer now is the time: Serving Up The Skinny.


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