A Little Flash Goes A Long Way

Image A typical morning has turned into a world of smiles and feeling good.  First, let me say that I LOVE music and LOVE to dance and LOVE to sing!  Now, I’m not claiming to be good at dancing or singing, I just really enjoy both! 😎 I’ll make up nonsense songs about anything. I have my grandkids doing this when they stay with me. 😎 Daughter Darcey once told me that I was “the singingest person she knows”.  With that being said, I am fascinated by flash mobs.  I have been hoping that I’d be in the right place at the right time to see one, or better yet, be in one!  How cool!

Came to the computer this morning ready to write about something totally different when a title on Yahoo caught my eye: Commuter’s concert surprise! Of course I had to click on it.  What a fabulous surprise, and why didn’t that happen when I was in Copenhagen? 😎  Copenhagen Phil in collaboration with Radio Klassisk surprised passengers with a music flash mob.  They played Morning from Peer Gynt. Can you imagine riding the subway and all of a sudden your eardrums are assaulted by this heavenly sound? The smiles on the passengers faces are priceless!  What a wonderful way to have your day start!  I wasn’t there but just seeing it and listening to it has made my day. I have to admit while writing this, I’m listening to it for the fifth time!

ImagePeer Gynt, as drawn by Peter Nicolai Arbo

Peer Gynt is Norway’s national epic and blends together the talents of two of it’s most widely-known artists, Henrik Ibsen who wrote Peer Gynt  as a five act play and composer Edvard Grieg who took the play and put it to music.  Henrik loosely based Peer Gynt on Per Gynt a Norwegian folk tale which is set in Gudbrandsdal.  I have read other research that specifically says Nord Fron, Gudbrandsdal.  That is where my maternal’s grandfather’s line is from, so needless to say I feel a particular closeness to this play and music.  The story follows Peer on a search for himself through various parts of the world, but found that home is where the heart it.  The story, of course, has trolls.  You can’t have a story set in Gudbrandsdal without trolls.  We have trolls “guarding” our homes. 😎 If you haven’t hear the Peer Gynt Suite before, do your ears a favor.  You can listen free at this site:  LastFM.com.  This is perfect music to listen to while being creative: knitting, dying, crocheting, cooking, sewing, etc. Google books has the play that you can read for free. Now I have started listening to the entire suite at LastFM.com. 😎

In 1941, Peer Gynt was made into a movie staring a 17 year old Charlton Heston. This is an odd, artsy type of film short.  It is mostly silent and accompanied by the music of Grieg.  Then in 1991, The Adventures of Peer Gynt was produced which tells the story through the use of puppets. One of these days I hope to see Peer Gynt performed at Lake Gålå which is the closest you can get to where Peer Gynt “grew up”.

Knowing that Peer Gynt is a national icon, I decided to do a search for “Peer Gynt knitting”.  There really are a lot of hits.  Here are just a few, you can see they are all beautiful, traditional style Norwegian Knitting:



Image Peer Gynt Traditional Knitting Patterns

So, quit reading this, click on the Lastfm.com link and give your ears a break! Don’t forget to look at the flash mob link first!  Glorious way to start the day!


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