Successful Brioche Knitting at the Office

 Another beautiful, sunny day at The Office, we turned our chairs and table the way we like and settled in.  My first surprise was while waiting for my “no water, no sugar, black iced tea”.  The barista asked me if I was Mrs. Lafo.  My mind said “ex-student” and quickly scanned his face – it came up blank.  Luckily, he was one of the kinder students who supplied his name when I replied, Yes”.  It was so wonderful to see him.  The adult faces don’t look like the young-kid-in-high-school faces which are in my memory.  He just graduated from college with a degree in music and voice.  He’s been accepted by Johns Hopkins to study music.  I LOVE seeing my successful ex-students.  Remember my post the other day mentioning that I love to sing?  So, I’m extra excited that he wants to be an opera singer. Our second cousin is an opera singer in Germany.

While we were setting-up this woman came up to us.  She remembered us as The Knitters. 😎  Asking us if we knew how to needlepoint, she quickly asked for Barb’s help at the affirmative.  As quite a few of us do with our projects, she’d been working on this needlepoint picture of Jerusalem for years.  She wanted to start working on it again, but had forgotten how.  Barb was happy to spend time demonstrating and teaching.

Our first sharing was the page numbers for Wreck This Journal!  If you look closely you’ll see written numbers 1- 10 in English, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Swedish.  I made some glitter spray which I sprayed on the pages.  I did a swirl and a number on each page.

With ditties foremost in her mind, Barb could not help but think “One, Two buckle my shoe.  Three, four shut the door!” 😎 She put her page numbers in a different spot on each page and upside-down, sideways, etc.  She was crazy all over the place. 😎

Finally, after sharing everything else, we got down to the new project:  Two-Color Brioche knitting.  Again, it took both of us and a few trials to “get it right”.

It took a couple of “what the heck?” for us to figure out that Nancy Marchant wrote the instructions for someone who knits English/American not Continental. There were a lot of “bring yarn forwards, and bring yarn to back”.  This is the translate for her instructions to make it easier for those of you using her book who knit Continental, or for anyone who knits lace.


sl1yof = Yarn Over (yo), Slip 1 stitch (sl1)

brk1 = knit 2 together (K2tog)

We’re still knitting the scarf, but this is our pattern:

Curls and Q Two-Color Brioche Scarf

Materials: #8 US or #9 US needles circular needles (or two double pointed).
2 Balls of variegated yarn – start one ball from the outside and the other from the inside

Designate one ball as Dark Color (DC) and one as Light Color (LC). Using the long-tailed, two-color cast on method cast-on an odd number of stitches.  Here is a youtube tutorial on long-tail, two-color cast on, only change is that we put our needle through the slip stitch to keep the knot out of the way. We started and ended with the DC, so our instructions follow that designation. If you use #8 US cast on 29 stitches if you use #9 US cast on 25 stitches.  (If you’re a loose knitter use #8 US, if you’re a tight knitter use #9 US). After casting on, you’ll notice a DC followed by a LC, repeated across the row, ending with a DC.  NOTE: On the right side, the DC will be the knit part of the rib and the LC will be the purl.

The first two rows are just to set-up the knitting into a ribbed knit and purl.

1. To start, remember you will be purling every DC and slipping every LC.

*p1, yo, sl1* end p1 DO NOT TURN!  Slide your work to the other end of the needle.

At this point, you have only knit 1/2 of the stitches, you have to go back and knit the other half. Notice that the yarn from the balls are at opposite ends.

2. Now, you will be knitting every LC and slipping every DC.

sl1, *k2tog, yo, sl1* end sl1. TURN work.  At this point the yarns from the balls are at the same end.

Now you are ready to start the pattern that you will use for the scarf. Remember DC = knitting or purling the DC stitches and slipping the LCs stitches.  LC = knitting or purling the LC stitches and slipping the DC stitches. Pattern:

1 DC:  k1, *yo, sl1, k2tog* repeat * across, end k1 (not k2tog there is only one stitch left at the end). SLIDE work to other end.

1 LC:  sl1, *p2tog, yo, sl1* repeat * across to last 2 stitches, end p2tog, sl1. TURN work.

2 DC:  p1, *yo, sl1, p2tog* repeat * across, end yo, sl1, p1.  SLIDE work to other end.

2 LC:  sl1, *k2tog, yo, k1* repeat * across to last 2 stitches, end k2tog, sl1. TURN work.

Repeat these four rows until scarf is desired length.

Bind Off: For binding off, you will use the LC yarn to bind off the DC stitches and the DC yarn to bind off the LC stitches

1. Use LC to k1 DC.

2. Use DC to p1 LC. Pass the first stitch over this stitch, first stitch bound off

3. Use LC to k2tog DC. Pass the first stick over this stitch, second stitch bound off

4. Continue 2 & 3 in this manner until all stitches have been bound off. Pull final yarn through last stitch.

6 thoughts on “Successful Brioche Knitting at the Office

  1. I tried brioche knitting a couple of months ago. It didn’t look like much – or maybe I gave up too soon. I think the pattern was a variation of what you have – I don’t remember the sliding work to other end. Will try and see if my hand-eye coordination takes to this pattern. LOL!


    • This is for a two color brioche. You don’t slide with one color. I think the key is the very confusing terms used in the other two color patterns that we found. It’s basically just repeats of yo, sl1 and then k2tog. Barb did the Fisherman’s Rib scarf which was a one color.


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