Knitting Up Fashion With i-Cord

Have you noticed that i-Cord is quickly becoming a fashion rage?  I’m not talking about the use of it as binding or ordornment on a knitted object. As we’ve been out and about on our visits to yarn shops, we have been seeing interesting accessories knit from i-Cord. Perusing our knitting magazines and Ravelry more ideas pop-up.

Vogue Knitting Winter 2010/11 Nickey Epstein’s Tie One on! Learning the Ropes.

Entwined Cowl pattern by Tanis Gray on sale at Ravelry

Knitter’s Magazine K105 Winter Erica Patberg’s Woven cowl.

If you’ve been to a local yarn shop (LYS) lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed that some companies are selling pre-knit i-Cord.  You can purchase pre-knit i-Cord, but it’s a bit expensive. I was so enthralled by it that I purchased Berroco Link.  They have free patterns for this yarn at their website This is quite a large i-Cord.  I knitted one of their scarf patterns found at their site.

We have seen quite a few necklaces made with i-Cord, tie 18 or more strands together and then place jeweled loops around them. Imagine the scarf below, bedecked in jeweled rings. This is a “no knitting” pattern.

Kathie’s Cowl knitted with Berroco link, free pattern.

Barb bought two different colorways of Odisea by Fil Katia to make our hats on the Northwest Journey. It is a much smaller i-Cord.

There are four ways I can think of to make i-cord: 1. knit using double pointed needles, 2. finger knitting, you can have your children do this for you!, 3. spool knitting, again get the kids to do it for you, and 4. the fastest is machine knitting. 😎 So, knit up some i-Cord or have the kids make some and do something wonderful!


6 thoughts on “Knitting Up Fashion With i-Cord

  1. I generally love the look of a cowl but have never made one for myself. I like to be able to unwrap the ends and let hang on shoulders OR wrap up more tighty around my neck and hold with a pin. Maybe it’s an age thing. 🙂


  2. Q – LOL! Love your comment. Cowls are my fav, but remember we live in San Diego where it rarely does not get bone chilling cold (in the 30’s). So wrapping ends around my neck gets way too hot and I’m always dragging the ends through food. LOL!


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