Cotton, Take 2, 3, and 4

 This week I went on a dying frenzy!  Check out the Cotton: Part 1 post to find a link on how to dye fabric. Here are the rest of the items I dyed: 2 pieces of cotton and 1 cotton t-shirt.
All three cotton pieces:
Cotton t-shirt, purple is my favorite color.

5 thoughts on “Cotton, Take 2, 3, and 4

  1. Your projects look great – and it sounds as though you had a fun time doing it too. I am working on a couple of projects. I have yet to finish Thor’s vest – so close but I keep getting sidetracked on other projects (e.g. a hat for my granddaughter’s birthday, my daughter’s mothers day Ishi bag). But providentially when digging through my stash I found a few other skeins of the Chelsea Silk I am using for Thor’s vest, so I may have enough to add arms and make a sweater.


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