Dad’s Fabulous Bead Necklaces

 Barb mentioned our dad’s beading skills yesterday, so I thought I’d post pictures of the two woven, beaded necklaces that he made for me.  Mom was wearing one of her necklaces when she walked into a jewelry store in Taos, New Mexico.  The owner wanted dad to make them for her shop.  Dad told her it was his hobby and only made them for people he loved.  That’s how good they are. 😎 Notice the special closing on the golden necklace, this is the method that was published in Beading magazine. Both Barb and I have bead weaving looms but haven’t tried it since we were kids. Dad was an aerospace engineer who loved detail!  He started beading when he was in this 60’s.  Unfortunately, he developed Parkinson’s Disease so his ability to weave necklaces was eventually taken away. Dad love all types of beads, we have other types of necklaces that we’ll share later.  He had a fabulous eye for color! Every time I wear one of the necklaces people stop me to comment. The pictures do not begin to do them justice!

Golden Necklace


Purple Necklace


10 thoughts on “Dad’s Fabulous Bead Necklaces

  1. Your Dad’s necklaces are absolutely beautiful! they remind me of beaded dresses. They must look gorgeous on all of you lucky beautiful women he made them for.


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