Have Yarn, Will Knit, But What?

 I dyed the yarn using KoolAid, posted April 19 as Guess I’m Not A Vanilla Type Of Gal. I have been very slowly spinning the yarn.  I decided I don’t like this yarn.  I think it was Polworth.  I bought something “cheap” to practice with.  To me, it is as if I’m spinning with iron!  It was great fun dyeing. Another reason I haven’t finished the yarn is that I don’t have a clue as what to knit.  If you know me, that is not usual! 😎 I’m open for suggestions!

This was the dyed fiber.

This is the spun fiber on the spool.

I’ll be ready to ply soon. Input needed!  What should I knit?  So not my colors! 😎

3 thoughts on “Have Yarn, Will Knit, But What?

  1. Wow! I’m so surprised you didn’t like spinning the polwarth. I have only used polwarth once and I got it from an etsy shop named Greenwood Fiberworks. It was so soft and easy to draft…Did it get a little matty during the dyeing process? I’ve heard that happens sometimes. Well, it certainly looks lovely! 🙂 I’m a sucker for bright colored yarns! I like the idea of a hat or maybe a bag or two. Maybe one felted! I get all over the place with something to make…But you asked, lol!


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