An Unplanned Tea

 While out and about in La Mesa, Barb reminded me that we should again try to visit the AubreyRose Tea Room which always seemed to be closed when we go by.  Hurray it was open! The shop is not only a tea room but sells a nice selection of teas, wonderful gifts and collectables.  On our last journey into La Mesa, we window-shopped and saw some beautiful single service teapot/cup combos in the window. Our fingers were itching to see them close-up when the store was open.  As we walked in, the glorious smells overwhelmed us and we had to stay for afternoon tea!  What a delight.

We had their lovely Cream Tea which is reserved for walk-ins. The Cream Tea includes: Fresh baked scone of the day, AubreyRose Cream, Lemon Curd, Tea biscuit, seasonal fruit garnish, and pot of tea of your choice. The presentation was quite beautiful and made us feel quite British! 😎 I really had to speak firmly to my little finger so it did not stick out while holding the tea cup. 😎 I LOVE the house tea, a black tea appropriately named AubreyRose.  The delightful taste experience began with the water, which had a wonderful, light taste.  When asked, the waitress informed me that they add a HINT of Lady Hannah tea to the drinking water.  Lady Hannah tea contains roses and berries, yum!  A Rocky Scone was served warm and with AubreyRose Cream and Lemon Curd.  Lovely, just lovely! Look at that cute heart-shaped sugar cube. They even gave both of us large, cups of tea to go! Quite brilliant!

It just so happens, that I had just purchased a new hat at another store only minutes before. Now, I need a new hat as much as I need a hole in my head!  Saw it, it was on sale, bought it! Done! So I really do look the proper lady.  Since it was a spur-of-the-moment idea, neither one of us had our cameras.  I used my iPhone to take pictures, so the quality is not the best. 😎 We had my daughter Darcey’s bridesmaid tea at this shop. It really is a wonderful place. 😎 They do refer to their tea as a “two hour mini-vacation” and we whole-heartedly agree!

Trivia test.  If anyone is as hooked on BBC productions as I am, can you find the two British adjectives which I’ve used to describe the tea experience? 😎 In fact, the one English teacher at the high school where I taught was my official editor. He always chuckled because I consistently use the word “which” where Americans use the word “that”.  I comes from the tons of British books (note I’m not saying literature) which/that I read.  😎

10 thoughts on “An Unplanned Tea

  1. Lovely, just lovely! It really is quite brilliant, this ritual of the afternoon tea with scones and biscuits. I miss sugar cubes 😦 It’s not the same over here …


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