Birthtea Party

 One of the very first Thanksgivings I can remember was at my grandparent’s house. My grandparent’s, two great-aunts, and my family were all there.  A fabulous chocolate cake was on the table.  It was my birthday! I was so young I really believe that we were all together to celebrate my birthday. 😎 Imagine the big let down I was in for.  Well, I have been a whiner that my end-of-November birthday was so close to Christmas that I got over looked. 😎  Typical!  A few years ago Barb decided that we would celebrate my birthday during the summer.  She works for the post office so we can never get together during my real birthday since that’s her heaviest mail time. So the summer birthday party has been grand. 😎

At AubreyRose Barb told me to pick out something and she’d buy it for my birthday. Yeah!  Of course I immediately asked her what the most expensive item was. 😎 (Poor long suffering sister having to put up with my crazy sense of humor.) Anyway, I had REALLY been wanting one of those teapot cup thingies and I love violets so this is what I picked:

Barb and I celebrated my birthday together at AubreyRose. At home, I decided to have my own birthtea party! Hubs and Hans were not invited! I plopped a bag of Assam tea into the teapot and added hot water. Add a dash of honey, and it’s just lovely. I’m sure the violets were infused into the tea also, so delicious!

Now for the birthtea cake, my homemade Cranberry-Nut scone with my world famous Lemon Curd! Sigh……. I did have to text a picture to Barb with the comment for her not to bother me because I was too busy with my tea. The weather was perfect for sitting outside and enjoying life!  Listened to the birds talking to me. 😎

Now, as a person of 1/2 Norwegian heritage I know I inherited the gene which has coffee flowing through my veins.  I do love coffee.  The other 1/2 is, as my southern dad always said, “Heinz 57”.  That half inherited the love of ice tea (it’s ice tea in the South and iced for everyone else). From ice tea I grew to love hot tea.  I have the best of both worlds! 😎 Now I need to knit a lovely tea cozy! I have a special children’s tea set and have lots of tea parties with my grandkids when they visit.  They know that the person who pours the tea is called “mother”.  We do have a brilliant time! Take a break and join me in a spot of tea!

10 thoughts on “Birthtea Party

  1. I need to find me a tea house here in MN. We used to go to one near my hometown where the lady in charge cooked all sorts of interesting tidbits made from antique recipes. I particularly remember the pastry she made using mashed potatoes instead of flour. There was some sort of historical justification for it, but I can’t remember the details.


  2. Awww! That’s a lovely tea setting and it looks like you very much enjoyed your birthday and tea time! 🙂 I want to see a new tea cozy now….OOOOHHH you can use your dyed roving for a tea cozy too!!


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