AG Needs A Shawl Too!

 My precious granddaughter’s favorite birthday present was her American Girl which she has been wanting forever! Last night I decided that I had better make AG a shawl too. I did not feel like messing around developing a pattern.  To be honest, I’m SICK of working with the yarn and just wanted to be done. 😎 Ravelry here I come.  I found the perfect lace shawl pattern: American Girl Shawlette Or Poncho by Jacqueline Gibb. Within a couple of hours the shawl was done and blocked. So adorable! Isn’t the pattern exquisite? I’m going to make shawl stick pins for both shawls.

See that tiny piece of yarn left up at the right edge?  I purposely left it so that you can see that’s all of the hand-dyed yarn left! I wish I had a doll on which to model it, alas.  Maybe I need to buy one? 😎 Especially after seeing the American Girl patterns on Ravelry! Yikes!

This is my precious girl with her AG. They look as if they are twins. 😎 Aunt Emma gave her the matching outfits. Guess it’s time for me to make doll clothes for a third generation: me, my girls and my granddaughter. 😎

Sweaty Knitter had the best post about Faggotting and Faggots. Sorry, I can’t resist. 😎 I’m really fagged working with this yarn and all of the faggots I’ve had to make. (Ok, you can groan now.) Fagged = tired. One definition not listed. 😎

6 thoughts on “AG Needs A Shawl Too!

  1. That must be one of those new fangled “design your own” AGs. I had Kirsten back in the ’80s. Still have her somewhere, along with a trunk full of doll clothes. I remember when the Pleasant Co was still just a local toy company in Middleton, WI. We used to go and stand in line for hours to get into their annual sale.

    Too bad I wasn’t much of a knitter at the time. Your granddaughter is lucky to have such a crafty grandma. That shawl looks like lots of fun. Since they’re moving to a tropical clime, maybe some warm weather gear is in order now. A knitted doll bikini, perhaps? 😉


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