Lovely Asian-flair Day

 Yesterday was one of my favorite types of day, we spent it in the Asian-community-area in San Diego.  Had yakisoba at our favorite Teri cafe.  Right by the cafe is a Tea Station.  How could I possibly resist iced plum tea with boba?  Geeze, taste explosion in my mouth.  Asked hubs a few times if he wanted a sip, the plebeian-taste-person kept refusing. Then on to the marketplaces! Yeah! I visited my daughter’s family twice when they were on Okinawa.  I LOVE Okinawa. This is where our love for yakisoba started! So good. Then there are the 100 Yen stores! Think “Dollar Store” but better! 😎 As I entered one of the stores yesterday, I had flash back to the 100 Yen store. I was in heaven!  What wonderful finds and great prices. 😎 Since his accident hubs doesn’t have much stamina, so I have to give him HUGE kudos for patiently waiting in the car for me to shop.  Luckily the clouds came in so it was cool. I did buy one of the Japanese treats for him. 😎

So, this was one of my favorite finds for $2.50! A HUGE ball of plastic “yarn”. That is an 8 oz can of jasmine tea I’ve use to show scale! The “yarn” was made in China and doesn’t give length.  They had a smaller ball, but this is the one I “needed”. LOL! They had it is blue, green, pink, and white.

See how the can fits inside!

My daughter loves blue, lives in Hawaii, and has four kids (think wet swimsuits), so this is what I’ll be making (without the starfish):

The pattern can be found at Morehouse Farm Merino Wool. There is also a great pattern for a dog leash!  Hummmmmm.

I also visited my favorite Japanese bookstore, Book-Off.  The store does have a fabulous collection of used books in English. I buy Japanese craft books and patterns.  More on that later! 😎

Notice my new flag counter?  I saw one at Knit4Profit’s site and had to have one.  You can make your own at Am I sounding as if I’m a typing ad or what? Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Lovely Asian-flair Day

  1. Apparently you forgot about your daughter with a boat…..thinking of only your grandkids and not your daughter with a boat? Rude.


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