Angry Bird Attack At My House

– My oldest boy, Russ, texted his dad and asked him if I would make and Angry Bird Hat for my youngest grandson. Well of course!

I searched online for a pattern and found the web site They have free crochet patterns for four different Angry Bird characters. After finding the patterns all I could think was, “I have to show Q”.

Q and I went to Michaels Store to purchase the yarn.  We looked at all the yarns and decided to go with the yarn the pattern called for since it was the softest, Caron Simply Soft Yarn.,default,pd.html?start=37&cgid=products-yarnandneedlecrafts-yarn

The hat crochets up really quickly. I had the hat done in one night’s sitting. I finished the pieces and started to sew the hat together the next night. I am going to make all four  characters and give to my grandson on his 3rd birthday in July. The neighborhood boy come over to play wearing an Angry Bird Hat. When he took it off, my grandson ran over and put it on.


I have finished all the pieces and have sewn on the top piece and half of the beak, so I can stuff it. Since you only use a small amount of yarn for the eyes and nose, you might use up some of those odd pieces you have. Since Q and I are both making the hats we are sharing the yarn. For the hat part I would use the Caron Yarn, since it is soft.  Happy crocheting!

Will post all hats and tips when done.

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