Both of our parents enjoy beading. My mom has taken over where my dad left off. She made this bracelet for me last year.

I love the copper color around the glass beads.

This white necklace was the first one my dad made for me. He gave me some of the beads to make earrings to go with it. I did make some really cute earrings, that my dad showed me how to do, but I couldn’t seem to find them. 😦


The green necklace I spread out so you could see that my dad connected and inter-twined the strands together. It hangs really cool. The red one was one I asked him to make for me.

This blue one was the last necklace I got. It is four strands and looks great with the bracelet. I am still amazed at the work both my parents have done. When I visit my mother in July, I am going to get some history on these beads. Also, I want to take more pictures of the beading my dad made for my mom and my sister, Lin.


2 thoughts on “LOVE OF BEADING

  1. The only thing better than pretty beads is pretty beads with some history behind them. I look forward to hearing more about them.


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