– The circular jacket is finally ready to block. As I said before, I did the body of the sweater on the knitting machine and the lace by hand. I used Sirdar’s yarn Crofter Dk, shade # 47 Skye. I have to thank my good friend Claudia for getting me interested in machine knitting. We have lots of fun figuring out new techniques.  The pattern is called Circular Jacket. Claudia says, “It is from a very old Machine Knitters News, the English magazine that is no longer in print.”  We are very luck to have two class on machine knitting in the San Diego Area. They are held at the Foothills Adult Ed. Building. The teacher has been teaching machine knitting for years.

This is the first major project I have completed on the machine.


After hand washing, I placed the piece between two towels, rolled it up, and gently pressed to get most of the water out.


I am so glad that I made a 4 x 8 foot blocking board. See Large Blocking Project Part I on instructions for making a large blocking board. I used “T” pins to hold the shape of the circle until it dried. I lightly steamed the lace. The blocking board worked frantastic.


Well this project was worth waiting for. I have decided not to put sleeves on it so technically it is a circular vest. Well what do you think? Cute? Notice, I’m wearing my hand-dyed t-shirt too!

Well I am off to start another major project.


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