A Visit to Quail Gardens

~San Diego County is lucky to be on the list as having one of the 10 most important botanical gardens in the world, the San Diego Botanic Garden.  To those of us old-timers, it’s better know as Quail Gardens. Hubs and I paid a visit there recently on a field-trip with his photography class. The gardens is on 37 acres with 4 miles of trails. Luckily, when we went it was an overcast day.  Much better for photography and general comfort. 😎 Plenty of places to sit too!

The place is fabulous! The flowers and smell divine! I had great fun going through the garden saying, “I have that plant!” Hubs said I should have majored in Botany instead of Microbiology.  I do love flowers and gardening. I’m not even going to name all of the beautiful flowers, just share in their delight!

I was happy to see that we were greeted by our totem, Black Phoebe.


I did find that hubs and I need our own camera when out together!  He had a class to take photographs for, but I wanted to hog it for pictures for the blog.  Ok, I’ll learn how to share better! 😎


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