Love at First Sight!

On our Northwest Journey, the yarn shop in Couer d’Alene had a model of Plymouth Yarns 1530 Kimono which I had to have. Ever since the change, I cannot wear pull over-sweaters and most cardigans.  Way too hot!! This is the perfect pattern because the sweater is roomy and the sleeves are not tight. When I purchased the pattern I did not know what type of yarn I wanted to use.

Last month, Curls and I walked into a local yarn shop and I fell in love with Plymouth Yarn’s Mushishi  Color 01 which had been knit into a display vest. The perfect yarn for my kimono! I ordered it and it has arrived!  Now I REALLY have too many projects and PLEASE someone, I am out of control!  Where is the closest Knitter’s Anonymous!!! 😎

While at the library the other day, I checked out Knit Kimono. I want one of each please! If you haven’t seen it, you must.  Has anyone made an item from the book? Wow!


6 thoughts on “Love at First Sight!

  1. LOL ! No help from over here … I think I want one of these sweaters as well … I’m going to have to join you for Knitter’s Anonymous, because I still have WIPs and I’m still starting new ones!


  2. I bought the pattern some time ago but have not yet made it. I am tall but my shoulders are narrow, and I tend to drown in kimonos. I have a silk kimono-style swing jacket but the shoulders are fitted. So I am thinking drawing out the pattern and knitting one up. I am with you though – I love the swingy cardigans that don’t button!


    • I too have narrow shoulders! Annoying trying to keep bra straps up! 😎 My favorite sweaters have raglan sleeves. I guess maybe I should take measurements to make sure the shoulder isn’t at my elbows. I don’t think I’ll make the sleeves as long either, I’m more of a 3/4 length sleeve person. Great minds! 😎


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