T-shirt Fun!

The Old T-shirts Become New Yarn recent post by Sweaty Knitter reminded me that in Feburary I had been surfing the web for craft, knitting, etc blogs with nothing particular in mind. I found a few blogs which featured recycled t-shirts. This is the Infinity Scarf from the DIYDish. There are free instructions for making quite a few cute scarves.

Look at this wonderful scarf  from Studio Crescendoh. Again, recycled t-shirts with adorable t-shirt, fabric roses.

Now the search was on for instructions on making t-shirt, fabric roses.  Success! At the Tattered Rose they have free instructions for making stunning fabric roses.

Time to rummage through drawers and closets for those old t-shirts! We love to hit the thrift stores too! If you make on, be sure to post for us to see.

Have a 5 hour layover at the Portland Airport.  On my way to Missoula, Mt. It was discovered last week that our mom has bladder cancer.  She’s having surgery today.  While in Portland, I am keeping my eyes out for blutbats or wessens, etc.  I’ll have to find a Grimm if I see someone acting weird or changing! 😎  I don’t know if any of you like Grimm, but we do! Send positive thoughts! 😎


5 thoughts on “T-shirt Fun!

  1. I love these recycled t shirt posts….I love to see peoples ideas with them ! Its hard to believe those new lovely items were t-shirts. What I do sometimes with T-shirts or old shirts period is that if they are still in good condition I use them to line things I crochet like purses or mesh tops etc.

    Hope all will be well with your mom.


  2. I have many old t-shirts that I need to do something with. Are there any really realiable techniques for making sturdy t-shirt quilts/throw pillows? I am worried that old worn cotton might need extra support.


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