Quail Garden’s Art

 There were wonderful pieces of garden art throughout Quail Gardens. Some pieces were permanent and some were for sale. Quite fun turning corners and seeing what wonderful art was on display.  I’ll take one of each please! While we were there a crane was placing a new statue. The features which don’t have labels and names by them didn’t seem to have any.

Shime: Bamboo Holds the Earth Together by Stephen Glassman

A sundial tucked away under some plants.  Very effective! 😎

What a clever idea! Garden Art in the “Tea Garden”, plants used for making tea.

Sleeping Woman
bronze by Mary Buckman

Tru Blu
by Charles Bronson


5 thoughts on “Quail Garden’s Art

  1. If you ever make it to Wisconsin, be sure to check out Dr. Evermore’s outdoor museum. All sorts of really interesting sculptures made out of remnants from the Fiscars factory.


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