One Lovely Blog Award

A wonderful surprise was waiting for us this morning, A Little Bit of This and That nominated us for the One Lovely Blog Award. We love her blog! She takes such wonderful flower pictures!  As gardeners, we can’t get enough.  She recently visited San Diego and it was lovely seeing our town through new eyes! You really must visit her site!

The rules of the award are:

  1.  Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post;
  2. Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself;
  3.  Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire;
  4. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

1. Done

2. We’ll try not to duplicate what we’ve shared before, but apologies if we do!

  • We both have green thumbs! Thanks to our dad and grandparents.  Our grandparent’s yard was always a riot of color due to the flowers and dad planted unusual vegetables. We both have a Pierre Menard iris in our yards which came from the plant grandma bought in the early 50’s.
  • Q had our mtDNA (maternal DNA) tested.  It supported what we already knew, that our maternal line goes back to Finland. As genealogists, we have found our maternal goes backwards from Norway, Sweden to Finland. Our maternal g-grandmother never shared that she was from the Finnskogen part of Norway, it was rather shameful in those days.  It’s a proud heritage now! 😎
  • In doing our dad’s yDNA, we found that the surname the family has used for 5 generations does not match that line genetically.  We are an exact match for the Gilbert line, so when did our line take the new name, or what exactly happened?
  • Both of our husbands have the same name, just spelled differently: Q = Alan and Curls = Allan.  They love to argue about which spelling is correct.
  • As teenagers, Q started calling Curls her “Big, Little Sister” since Barb is taller.  Curls called Q her “Little, Big Sister” since Susan is shorter. We think we are so cute calling each other that! 😎
  • Neither one of us knew that women didn’t knit in public.  We grew up with a grandma who was always doing her unique fiber arts no matter where and a mom who would knit anywhere. We have always brought knitting or crocheting along with us in public. It wasn’t until reading some of the blogs that we found this wasn’t done! 😎 We’ve always just done our own thing. 😎 Q was told while visiting Okinawa, that knitting in public was not allowed until just recently.
  • We like different color palettes. Curls prefers the fall colors, and Q the brights! We both like red!

It’s fun to select the 15 or so blogs to nominate:

Serving Up the Skinny – Delicious recipes and great humor. Enter to win a KitchenAid.

All She Wants To Do Is Knit – Start the day with a good chuckle. Humorous insights to knitting.

Belle Grove Plantation Bed & Breakfast – James Madison’s Birthplace. Interesting historical info. Beautiful teacups!

Craftie Allie – a knitter and an educator, need I say more?

Off The Hook – Wonderful crochet ideas!

The Soulsby Farm – Love the pictures around the farm.  Great gardening tips!

Living and Loving – A wonderful glimpse of the East Coast!

Sweaty Knitter – One of our favorite blogs!  The information in her blogs is so wonderful!


8 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

      • Oh thank you again so much ! So glad your mom is doing better. I would so love to go to Montana sometime to check it out. I’ve never been there and have always heard how beautiful it is. 🙂


      • I’d love to visit Ontario! I’ve visited BC and Alberta since they are on “my side” of North America! I live in San Diego, CA 😎 One day……..


      • One day if you ever get this way give a shout! I’m going to be posting some pics soon from our visit to Algonquin Provincial Park…that is a MUST SEE in Ontario. 🙂 hmm never been to San Diego either…


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