So Much Fiber So Little Time

I’ve been on a fiber frenzy lately! Please, is there a 12 step program for fiber addicts in the San Diego area? This needs to STOP! 😎 Recently I purchased more fiber at my favorite fiber store, Black Sheep, in Encinitas.  If  you visit San Diego and have time to hit only one fiber store, it HAS to be Black Sheep.  It is goes well beyond the typical local yarn shop, it truly is a Fiber Arts Store! It was our grandmother’s favorite fiber store. As mentioned she was a creative fiber artist, never did knit.  Unfortunately, their website is pathetic.  It does not feature their huge wall of highly creative fiber arts.  An example of some classes, besides the basic knitting, from its schedule are: FREEFORM CROCHET GARMENTS – RELOADED, MANIPULATED AND MELDED SURFACES, FUN LITTLE FAIRIES, GLORIOUS TASSELS, and PAINTED SILK WEARABLE. Don’t get me wrong, it does have a fabulous selection of yarns and patterns also. It is just a highly artistic shop.

I wanted to combine these three colors by spinning.  Searching YouTube I found a video by Judith MacKenzie which demonstrates Spinning Color Repeats. Perfect. Don’t have anything in mind to make yet.  Just wanted to try spinning three at once.

Here is some of the spun fiber.

Having spinning withdrawal up here in Missoula! 😎 Because of nerve damage to my left hand, I can’t quite get the knack of a spindle – portable spinning! 😎


5 thoughts on “So Much Fiber So Little Time

  1. I know what you mean about wool addiction. Spinning is one thing I have never done that I really want to try one day. I see these fantastic stores (such as the one you described) and it really makes me want to try it ….


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