Waiting to See the Birds Bathe.

– Creating your own bird bath is lots of fun. I got the idea from Birds & Bloom magazine. You use a serving bowl and a base to form your own creation. The bowl I got from a thrift store and was very lucky that it already had a hole in the bottom. Perfect! After first trying three poles and rocks as the base, I decided that I like to look of a pot. It just looks so much better.


I use a drip line to water my plant. Being clever, I tapped in the drip line  so my bird bath fills up every time the plants get water. 😎 I left extra drip line inside the pot in case I decided to move the bird bath.


Adding the top, I threaded the drip line through the hole. I put an adjustable end on the tube and used glue to seal it. I waited two days just to make sure the glue was dried. I added some rocks to give it a more realistic look. The new bird bath looks fantastic in my new backyard. Sad for me, it has been two days and there haven’t been any birds bathing! 😦 Looking forward to sharing how the backyard came out.


6 thoughts on “Waiting to See the Birds Bathe.

  1. Oh that is sooo cute and creative ! Don’t worry the birds will come. Also…I just love it when you find a great thrift store find. I went to one not long ago and found HUGE spools of #3 silky thread for a steal. (Don’t think they knew the worth of it )


  2. Love your bird bath! You built it -they will come! Love reading your posts. I’m away from home this weekend and I miss my garden.Thanks for showing yours. The plate is beautiful.


  3. Robins are everywhere here in Missoula, Mt. We had thundershowers, lightening today, so I really don’t need a bird-bath. But what an exellent idea!! There was a wood pecker in the yard, too, thinking he owned the place….


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