Crabby McCrabby Pants

How could I not buy this yarn?  The name is the best! 😎 In a link on The Blue Brick, I found Tanis Fiber Arts. Her Handspun Shawl Mom blog made my fingers start to itch!  Total eye candy.  The Eliina Shawl she made is exquisite.  The fabulous hand spun yarn is named Crabby McCrabby Pants by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I’ve downloaded the pattern and ordered the yarn. The top 100% Merino Top has arrived.  Yipee! It’s so soft! 😎 Look at it from different angles. Into the queue of to-do projects, this summer will be busy! A pattern and instructions for spinning come with the top. I will be covering part of the instructions in another blog.

I’m still in Montana “babysitting” my mom! 😎 I told her I charge a lot for babysitting. 😎 She’s doing very well, but spinning is on hold until I get home. Wait for me Crabby, I will be there! 😎


4 thoughts on “Crabby McCrabby Pants

  1. I like the name, but I can’t understand what it has to do with the yarn. That yarn looks happy-making not crabby-making. Unless the idea is that its purpose is for treatment of crabby mccrabby pants syndrome. A syndrome I know well, by the way. I can see the logic in that sort of naming. Just like they name some herbs for the illness or symptoms it teats, like feverfew.


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