Montana Musings

Still in Montana with mom. Went out for a ramble looking for wild flowers, birds, butterflies, and critters.  Mom lives with my sister Lindsay and her husband in an outlying area of Missoula, so there are critters and land. 😎 I did not bring my good camera with me. Flying alone, I just didn’t need the extra burden.  Brought my little hand-held camera doing the best it could.  I also don’t have my wonderful Lightroom program on my Netbook. Hope you enjoy the pictures in their raw form. Headed out in the morning since thunderstorms were expected in the afternoon.

Stepping outside the beginning lyrics of Tammy’s In Love run through my head.  “I hear the cottonwoods whispering above…..” I laugh silently to myself.  I do hear the cottonwoods whispering, but I also see this:

Not snow, it’s the cottonwood seeds.  The air is thick with the flying “cotton”.

These are the culprits:

Next I saw a deer in the “field” across the street.  It saw me and took off, moving so quickly that this is the shot:  (Look closely, it’s further over on the right side of the big tree by the house. 8-)) I saw her bound up the hill to the water culvert I’ll be showing further down.

Headed up the hill:

The wildflowers, grasses blooming, an a horsetail reed thrown in for good measure:

This flower is fabulous! Look at the colors which would make a perfect colorway for dying.

I had to take these large dandelion seed heads:

Culvert, the deer ran down through the brush:

In my jaunt these were the only wildflowers I saw.  I did see some knapweed, nasty stuff, but it was not blooming yet.  Knapweed is considered a noxious weed here and homeowners are required to eradicate it from their properties. Critters will be featured tomorrow! 😎 Thunderstorm started about 4 pm and lasted for hours.  I watched huge flashes of lightening in the mountains across the valley from where I sat.


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