Last Fiber to Share

 I’ve have been looking at this fiber since I started spinning in March.  Finally gave in, the siren kept singing at me! 😎 I PROMISE this is the last purchase until all the other fiber is spun! This is Hand Painted Roving BFL Wool by Greenwood Fiber Works, Colorway Adirondack. Isn’t is luscious!  And so soft!

In fact, before I caught the plane home, my sister Lindsay and I stopped by two yarn stores and I didn’t purchase any yarn or fiber.  See that halo shining above my head? What a good girl! 😎

And, I’m happy to announce that the d*+%$ Red Angry Birds hat is DONE!!! I had to do something entirely different for the feathers on top of the hat. The pattern picture has cute feathers which as if they are a tube with a bend in it, that’s not what the pattern does. I didn’t like it.  I surfed the net, found another feather pattern, and this is what I did:

Angry Bird Red Hat feathers, from Crochet Geek:

CH 3, join.
Round 1: Work 6 SC through the chain.  Do not join, work the continual round.
Round 2:  Work 1 SC in each stitch around. (6 single crocet total)
Round 3: *Work 1 SC in the next stitch, work 2 SC in the next stitch. (9 single crochet total)
Round 4-14: Work 1 SC in each stitch around. (9 single crochet total) – I just crocheted until the feathers were 4 inches long.
Cut the yarn, pull through the loop, tug to secure.  Sew tail through the last round slightly pull.  Sew to the top of the cap. I folded the feathers so there was a bit more in the back and less in front, then attached. I didn’t want the feathers to be the same length.

Also, the braids didn’t give instructions. This is what I did: for each braid I cut twelve 36″ lengths of yarn.  I pulled the yarn through a stitch at the bottom of the earflap. Made sure the lengths were equal, divided the strands into almost equal parts, and braided.  Tied off the end of the braid with a piece of yarn, then tied the braid itself to cover the yarn. Repeated on the other ear flap.


19 thoughts on “Last Fiber to Share

    • Started the black one today.Funny how much faster it goes when one starts with a pattern that works! 😎 Larger hook. Have arthritis in my little finger. Never noticed how much crocheting HURTS it. 8-( Must persevere until the end! 😎 Give me knitting anyday!!!


      • Crocheting doesn’t hurt anything on me … I guess I just don’t like the process. But I’ll knit like a demon for days straight until I develop tendonitis … so I try to avoid those obsessive knitting marathons. 🙂


  1. Love those colors! Greenwood Fiberworks really does offer some great fiber. Your post calls to mind the BFL I bought from her months ago and haven’t spun up yet… Ah, well. It’s something fun to look forward to.


  2. LOL! your stories about your battles with the Angry Bird hats makes me want to pick up hook and yarn and start one! But like you, I’m trying to be a good girl … finish off as many WIPs as I can, before starting a new project, or buying more yarn! *sigh* it’s really hard, you know. I think I have ADD… and impulsive-compulsive disorder …


    • I agree! Don’t know if you saw our WIP blog, I have one wip I’ve had since 1965! 😎 I call it KAD (knitter’s attention deficit) since there is always something new we want to try! 😎


  3. Thank Heaven’s, you have the correct pattern to finish the angry Bird. Now, I want to see it on one of your grandchilren’s head–if they dare to wear it!!!


  4. ooh I love the roving! What beautiful colors. I want to learn to spin!!! Do you think I should start with a drop spindle? What brand? And if I already asked you this I’m sorry -I have dadd (dyers attention deficit disorder.)


    • In my spinning class, my instructor had us start with a spindle. She said to get at least a 2 oz one, a heavier one, until we learned how to control it. You really do need another obsession! 😎 Start with a “stickier” wool, not alpaca, llama, silk, or cotton. I understand DADD since I have KADD (knitter’s attention deficit disorder) which I finally admitted to in my WIP post. 😎


      • kadd and dadd do sound very good! 😎 Now a dying question. I want to dye a fabric very bright pink (no problem with that). Then, I bought a 3-inch, round, peace symbol which I want to stamp onto the fabric and remove some of the dye, but not all. What do I do? I’m sure I don’t use regular bleach.


      • If it is cotton you can use bleach-but it will probably run. How about a bleach pen-the bleach is gooey in those. You need some kind of goo to hold the line.
        Discharge is great for keeping the line- you can buy it pre-mixed from dharma. You apply and then before it is dry you hit it with a steamy iron and the color disappears before your eyes. Decolourant -


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