To Click Or Not To Click – That Is The Question!

 Strike three you’re out! Or make that click three! In the last few weeks I’ve run across three references to clicking knitting needles.

1. In a tv show we were watching, the husband told the wife to quit clicking her knitting needles because it was driving him crazy.

2. On an audiobook, women were told to quit clicking their needles because the meeting was about the begin.

3. A woman sat quietly knitting, being soothed by the sound of her clicking needles.

I should have written down all of the sources, but didn’t even think about it.

Now, I don’t know about you, but Curl’s and Q’s needles DO NOT click while we are knitting. Our mom’s didn’t click either. I’ve had my husband listen just in case I’ve gone deaf in one ear and can’t hear out of the other! 😎 The only time I have ever hear clicking needles is when I gave my then 3-year old granddaughter some needles and yarn so she could “knit like grandma”. She did a whole lot of clicking. 😎 I need to know. Are the books and tv shows all wet? Or, is it just me? We knit continental, maybe the method of knitting makes a difference. If yours do click, PLEASE leave a comment on which style you use. This is really bugging’ me! 😎 I think knitters are getting a bum rap! 😎


6 thoughts on “To Click Or Not To Click – That Is The Question!

  1. When my daughter was young, she told me she could always find me by listening for my clicking needles. When I used wooden or bamboo needles, she said they were quieter. Thor’s never mentioned clicking one way or the other. 🙂 And I, like you, knit Continental.


  2. I’ve noticed a click once in a while, but that’s because I know I’m struggling with a stitch or something, or holding it too tight. Maybe since you’re all seasoned pros you don’t hear the clicking any more?


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