The Younger Years

– My mom taught me to crochet at an early age.

This brown shawl was my first project. 🙂  It really is brown. Q took this to college with her. She loved it, it was cold in San Luis Obispo compared to San Diego. She gave it back a few years ago saying it would need to eventually be passed on to one of my boys.

This was my second crochet project.  I remember going with my mom to Yarn Mart to buy the blue yarn. Remember Yarn Mart! HUGE store with a zillion types of yarn to choose from. The shade of blue is just so wonderful!

Next, my mom taught me to knit. I would knit and knit just for practice. This is my first knitting project.

When I was in high school, this afghan kit was given to me one Christmas by mom. After a while, I got tired of knitting and knitting and knitting this afghan, so I bound off, even thought I had lots yarn left over. This could be one of the reasons I get bored with off-white yarn. A little while later, I used the leftover yarn to make a sweater with a hood and pockets which zipped up the front. Every time she sees the afghan, my mom says, ” I can’t believe I bought you such a complicated pattern for your first project.” I didn’t think about it being difficult. The only mistake I can see today is in the popcorn pattern. 😦 Don’t zoom in to close, I don’t want you to see the holes. 😎 I have tied up most of them. Lesson learned: store my woolens with cedar chips, with lavender, or in my deep freezer otherwise they become a fiesta for moths. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Younger Years

  1. I’m a little bit impressed that these were your first projects and that you still have them in your possession. They’re pretty complicated. I would expect something plainer for a first project. Hats off to you.My first project was a dish cloth, all garter stitch, long since disintegrated.


    • Thank you! 😎 Our mom’s first knitting project was a sweater, so I don’t think difficulty entered her mind. 😎 Q’s first project was a pink, mohair, pull-over, shell – long gone. 😎 Her second was/is a wip afghan featured in the blog a couple of months ago. 😎


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