Needlecraft Magazine Excitement

While “babysitting” mom, she informed me that my sister Lindsay had a stash of old Needlecraft magazines. Hurray! There were about 40 old magazines dated from August 1918 to December 1928! The Needlecraft Magazine was published monthly by the Needlecraft Publishing Company, Augusta, Maine and New York, N. Y. We went out to the storage building and carried them in! The covers alone were works of art. 😎 Art Deco was in style during the 1920’s, that was evident in the magazine covers and artwork. That is one of my favorite art and architectural styles. The magazine are quite large, size 10″ x 13 3/4″.  About the size of the old Life magazines. I found that an on-going theme through the issues was that of “filling one’s hope chest”! 😎 Time and time again the editorials addressed the fact that young women needed to sew, knit, crochet for their hope chest. Letters to the Editor also addressed the Hope Chest. As you can image, the magazines were not in pristine condition. I went through every magazine and took hundreds of pictures. 😎 I tried to scan parts, but the scan came out worse than the camera pictures. I would say that the vast majority of the patterns were filet crochet! The majority of the projects were for household use: centerpieces,  luncheon sets, library sets, and water sets. Every thing a young bride would need to set-up housekeeping “properly”. I will be sharing some wonderful information from the magazines throughout the next months.

As an opening introduction to the magazine is a poem which was published in the May 1919 issue. The cover shows an example of a luncheon set.  Look at the Art Deco style.  The center part is draped over the table and the napkins are in the four corners.


Crocheting, and sewing, and knitting–
Such pleasant things to do!
I’d like to sew, crochet, or knit
The whole of each day through.

It’s not just things you’re making,
It’s thoughts you’re wearing, too;
You sew a thought fast every time
You push your needle through.

And if you need suggestions
For the plans you wish to make,
For dreams are yet but sketches,
Just these few directions take

First, a needle in you hand, or yarn,
A window, and a rocking-chair,
Then knit and purl, or sew and sew–
Behold! –chateaux d’Espagnol, fair!

~Mildred K. Willey

And a wonderful, safe July 4th to all US followers! Happy Birthday to us! 😎

4 thoughts on “Needlecraft Magazine Excitement

  1. Help!: I have a 1915 issue…how can I contact you. Don’t blog or twitter…would love an email address or phone number
    Thanks, Ann


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