What’s Appining?

 Deep, dark, secret, I’m a technology nerd! That’s right! If I see some new technology gadget, I want it. 😎 Now, that’s not to say I alway buy, but…… So a couple of years ago while watching my kids having way too much fun with their iPhones lust got the better of me and I got one. Of course, if I have one hubs needs one. 😎   Using the iPhone is like having a little bit of heaven in my hands! 😎 The other night When All She Wants To Do It Knit mentioned that one of my “highly wanted” apps was on sale I went immediately to the iTune store and downloaded it. It’s Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds, normally $14.99 for $.99! Amazing. 😎 I actually have a less expensive birding app, just couldn’t pass this up! I don’t pass up a free app I want to try, but I do think twice if I have to pay. 😎

This lead me to the topic of today’s post. My 10 favorite crafting iPhone apps. Tomorrow I’ll post my “other” favorites.

iSpin Toolkit – an app for handspinners. You can measure the angle of the S or Z twist and WPI, just to name a few things. $4.99

Gaugefy Free – enter your swatch stitches/row and swatch width and length hit the Get Gauge button and presto.. your gauge is calculated for you. Free.

Gauge Ruler – how many times have I been somewhere and needed a measuring tape for gauge, length, etc. I usually have my iPhone with me and have used this multiple times for a lot of different things I’ve wanted to measure. See a scarf I like, how wide is it? Whip out my phone! 😎 Does both inches and centimeters. $.99

Knit – a row counter, you can enter your projects, it will keep track of them. Really cool for KADD (knitting attention deficit disorder) people such as I who have a lot of projects on the needles. I like to use this one since there are not a ton of windows to go through to get to my project. Open it, see project, tap screen. Free

Knitcompanion – uses all of your pdf knitting patterns which you’ve downloaded into interactive patterns. Can add row markers, stitch markers, etc. Free.

Vogue Knitting – love this as an inventory tool.  Keeps track of all of my needles and hooks. Also, have slowly been entering my stash. I REALLY want a barcode reader for stash inventory. 😎 Also has row counter and keeps project notes. I like my other row counter app. A better deal now then when I got it. $3.99

QuiltFab – Really helps me figure out how much fabric to use on a project. Has save me lots of time and $$$. Free.

SewingKit – I like that is a database for my sewing patterns, fabric stash, projects, and best of all keep track of people’s measurements! Used this the other day when buying the $.99 McCall patterns at Joanns. Took picks of the pattern covers and it let me know if I had the pattern. I’m a pattern hoarder! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve purchased the same pattern! If I like it once, I like it twice! 😎 Lucky Barb is the recipient of the second pattern, that is if she hasn’t already bought it. $4.99. (There is also a SewingKit HD which has even more database possibilities: books, notions, etc. for $8.99.  I bought the other one first and just can’t part with more $$$ for this one. I have a library app which stores all of my craft books.)

All though these two are not crafting productivity apps they are a “must have” for all crafters!

Michaels – How cool to have the coupon on you at all times! Can use every day!

Joanns – Ditto, always have a coupon. Can use every day!

I know there are tons of knitting, sewing, quilting apps out there. I’ve had my iPhone for a couple of years now and downloaded most back then. I know there are TONS of new crafting apps. I am a total techie, what are some of your favorite crafting apps that I REALLY have to try? Stay tune tomorrow for more Appining!


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