Making a Raised Garden Bed

– My husband wanted to use up some of the left over supplies from his various projects to make a garden box. We decided a raised garden bed was exactly what we need.

Looking at the huge pile of left-over, cement blocks, he came up with the idea to use them as the base for the raised garden.

Fist step was to level the outside blocks, then he filled in the bottom to support the soil. We have a gopher, rabbit, and squirrel problem, so this keeps gophers and rabbits from eating the plants. Take that vermin! 😎

After the blocks were leveled, he filled the outer blocks in with cement and embedded metal strips to attach the wood to.

After attaching wood sides, the box was lined with plastic to protect the wood from rot. A white wooden topper was added so that the raised, garden bed would match the rest of the garden elements.


I get the fun part! 😎 Now it is my turn to plant it with vegetables. Look at that wonderful dark soil! Aren’t your fingers just itching to dig? Can’t wait to post a picture of it ripe with vegetables! 😎


4 thoughts on “Making a Raised Garden Bed

  1. What a beautiful garden box/bed! Can’t wait to see what you put in it! I thought of you today -found an old stainless steel bowl and made a birdbath in my garden. Just the right height for the birdies I think. Hope they find it and cool off a bit.


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