Nothing So Good As A Facelift!

Β In 1979, we move into our house. We watched the house being built, it’s a regular tract-style home not custom-made. Since the very first I have hated the front door! HORRID looking phony wood door. I also hated the big window in the family room which is leaky to the cold, rattles when a truck goes down the street and when the washing machine is running. In fact, I think it could be considered a new style of instrument! 😎 Then there is the back sliding door. Yuck! I’ve been nagging the hubs for years. Let’s replace the “mess”. Hurray, a few months ago we went to a home show and saw the doors and windows of my dreams! Yesterday they were installed. Β I am AMAZED at how quickly they were installed. Two doors and one window in less that 8 hours. 😎 We really like the Craftman style. We’d love to live in a Craftman-style home. I was so excited to take pictures this morning. 😎 The light is horrid, but…

The front door, love the leaded glass inserts:

The back sliding glass door. Impossible to get a good angle since the table is in the way, then there is the light pouring in. 😎

I have really missed “finished” windows. To cut costs, most new homes in San Diego don’t have them. Loving this one. Told hubs he was not to use the sill as a table for his drinks. 😎 He tends to put his soda cans anywhere. 😎 Notice the window sill, sigh. I always get up first, this is the scene which greeted me as I “ran” down the stairs to bask in the glory of my new window! 😎 He thinks he is so funny! 😎 See the Red Angry Bird hat in the window?

So here is the mental image, can you see me sitting on the couch knitting while watching tv? This is my downstairs “command” center. 😎 So tootles, time for me to get some knitting so I can “try out” my new window. 😎


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