Two In Two!

~Lucky mom! Two of my three children who thoughtlessly moved away from San Diego and the parentals visited within the last two weeks! Darcey, who now lives in Texas, came over with my son-in-law. He came for business and, lucky for us, she came with him. Β It’s always wonderful when the kids come home. 😎 Darcey is modeling a quickie scarf which I made for her. She’s another typical San Diego kid who got really cold in Texas over the winter. 😎 I told her to move back home, but….. Geeze, these young kids who don’t listen to their parents. 😎 Now, did I get the scarf mailed? As you can see, she’s trying it on now. Why do I HATE going to the post office and mailing things? The post office is less than a mile from our home too. I thought once I retired I get better about this. But, no.

I really don’t remember exactly what I did for the scarf. I wanted the scarf to be more like a cowl, double thickness for more warmth. Cast on until it was five inches wide, then I believe that I did the seed stitch until it was 29″ long and bound off, sewing the two ends together. Size 10 needles. I didn’t make a “fancy” one since this is to be used around the house when she gets cold. She works from home and needs to be comfortable. Also, it seems as if her cat LOVES the scarves I have made for Darcey. Some how she has even managed to jump way up on the closet shelf to get one of the “good” scarves down and drag it around. If the cat fondles this one it’s ok. 😎 I’ve promised to make a scarf for the cat. 😎

Now, I just need my third daughter and the grandkids to come home for a visit and I’ll have reached Nirvana! 😎

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