Wrongly Enticed By A Stone Spindle

~ We love rocks! (And yes, I know we have rocks in our heads.) This gene is directly traceable to our Grandma Agnes. Both of us have rocks in our yards that were collected over the years by grandma. Grandpa Ole swore that when moving to California from Minnesota in the 1940’s it took twice as long to get here because grandma kept seeing rocks by the side of the road and insisted he had to pull over so she could “get it”. Somewhere there is a picture of grandma by the side of the road during the move picking up a stone. Look at this wonderful hill of rocks outside of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. How could we not stop and pick up some rocks! Keep in mind, we flew up during our Northwest Trip so we carried rocks home in our suitcases! 😎 (Are you still muttering about rocks in our heads?) I have hauled small rocks home from all my trips. Hello Spain, Australia, Caribbean, etc. I also have a collection of heart-shaped rocks.

It can’t be any surprise that when surfing for a new spindle, I immediately fell in love with one made out of green jasper. I LOVE jasper, it reminds me of Montana. They have a dirt road on the way to Morell Falls which I call the “stop and go” road. The main rocks are red and green jasper.  When it is wet, the road has patches of red followed by patches of green. Really awesome! The jasper spindle called to me. I HAD to have it. It is now mine. Isn’t this beautiful! The heft is just right. The shaft has a wonderful twist to it. 😎

Unfortunately, this is the worst spindle I have ever spun with! The rock is too small and slick to use as an effective whorl. And then there is the too small, horrid hook….. 8-( The spun yarn keeps slipping off of the wrap under the whorl and winding around the hook. I had a difficult time taking the picture, but can you see how many times the yarn is wrapped around the hook? I was determined to give it a try, finally too exasperated to continue. So beware, beauty is only skin deep. Lesson learned.  Sigh… I want a beautiful spindle which is also usable.  Input needed.  What is your favorite spindle? I’m in the market. I’ll keep this one out to gaze at. 😎


2 thoughts on “Wrongly Enticed By A Stone Spindle

  1. I meant to comment on this post yesterday when I discovered your site, but I forgot…

    I also collect rocks from the various places I visit, I seem to have passed on that fascination to my nine-year old daughter.

    I have fond memories of watching church members spin yarn with a drop spindle and spinning wheels, so this post makes me smile.

    I can’t comment on spindles, since I haven’t used one — yet. But that one is lovely. It’s too bad that it didn’t perform well. Learning to spin yarn is on my short list of things I want to do, I’m planning on learning in September/October. Once I learn, I do have a steady supply of wool, since a friend of a friend raises sheep. I’ve already learned that I can get all the wool I want!

    What’s crazy is that most animal fibers make me itch, but I can crochet, knit, or sew with it, as long as it stays in my hands. If the animal fibers are placed on other parts of my body I’ll start to itch and develop a rash. After I work with animal fibers, I make sure I wash my hands thoroughly, since I don’t want to accidentally touch other parts of my body by mistake. I’ve done that before, and it hasn’t been pleasant.

    I keep working with animal fibers, because I do love its texture. Of course, items made with them are gifted to others who can wear them. 🙂


    • Hi Opal! I had my kids and now grandkids collect rocks with me. 😎 My granddaughter is 9 too!
      Spinning is addictive! How lucky to be able to get free wool! Dying is addictive too. 😎 Your daughter will have a blast helping you dye.
      I have the same allergy problem with fibers, I can knit them but can’t wear them. Worse working day of my life was when I wore a pair of unlined wool pants to work. Burning red rash on my legs.8-( I was a teacher so I couldn’t just leave. Alpaca is my favorite! I’ve knit with camel, buffalo, cashmere, angora, etc but, in my opinion, nothing beats alpaca. 😎


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