Clever Recycled-Items Art

 These are pieces were in the Children’s Garden at Quail Gardens.  Brightly colored and imaginative, all are constructed from recycled items.  Can you figure out what each was constructed from? Answers are in the bottom picture. Notice that they are for sale! I’d like a few in my garden.

Look at this cute pot which would be easy to make!


We love garden art! Share what’s in your garden. 😎


2 thoughts on “Clever Recycled-Items Art

  1. Those are lovely, always nice to see what creative folks will make.

    I love garden art too. My favorites shown here are the hippo and the mosquito. For some reason the hippo’s mouth reminds me of a grill. If I saw a mosquito that large, I’d be running. We don’t have too much garden art in our acre garden, although after seeing these I’m feeling guilty.

    My nine-year old daughter has been asking me to make a “scary scarecrow” so I think that will be the first thing we make. But, I think making additional garden art would be a great project for both of us. She loves crafts as much as myself, and just like me will use any excuse to get crafty.


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