Going to Montana

 – My husband and I drove up to Missoula to see my mom. Interstate 15 , I 15, starts in San Diego County and ends at the Canadian border so it’s a “straight shot” to Montana. As we were exiting I 15 for something to eat for lunch, we saw this amazing sight in front of us, a humongous dust devil.

This was one of largest dust devil I have ever seen. As it got closer you could feel the pull of the wind. I had the feeling of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Please don’t suck me up! 😎

The next day, we stopped at rest stop just out side of Pocatello, ID. Most of the Interstate in Idaho was built on top of a lava flow, which stretches way to the West where it originated.  There was short hike around the lava flow. It was a great place to walk and stretch your legs.

As we were walking back to the car, my husband spotted this lady bug.


Time for lunch again, so we took the turn off to Lima, Montana. The rest stop is in the town.  A small history of Lima sign informed us that Lima was one of the first rest stops for travelers on the wagon trail from Salt Lake City to Montana. The interstate follows the old wagon trail. The train tracks soon followed the trail.  The town has lots of old, interesting buildings to look at.  This is the hotel in Lima, MT.

As we were leaving we spied a sandwich shop. My husband went in and purchased two. They were the best sandwich I have ever eaten! The bread was to die for. It was a total taste explosion in my mouth and was what made the sandwich.

Q’s and my favorite rest stop is just before we get to Butte, Mt . It’s up on the side of a hill and has a glorious view. You can look across the valley and see small glaciers in the mountains on the opposite side.  A perfect place to build a home. Oh, wait, I told Al we are NOT going to build another home. Had to text this picture to Q with the caption, “At “the spot” where are u?”

Back on the road, we looped-de-looped to Interstate 90, bye-bye I15,  and we were soon in Missoula.

Notice, I’m wearing the t-shirt that I dyed.


3 thoughts on “Going to Montana

  1. These photos are lovely, I’m really liking the house, especially the wood shingles. You do have me curious, besides the awesome bread, what was in that sandwich?


    • We had a Italian meat sandwich. My husband ordered it with everything on it including peppercinos. There were lots of old homes and buildings. I really enjoyed driving around the town. Curls


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