On My Way Back Home

– It rained while driving home from Montana through Idaho. But all was good. I spotted two Bald Eagles, about 30 miles before we got to Butte, MT for the Interstate change.

We were almost to the state line in to Idaho, when I told my husband we need to stop at the next rest stop. I didn’t realize it was the Lima, MT rest stop until we were there. And sure enough, the car just automatically drove to the sandwich shop. Man, I love those sandwiches!

As we are driving in Idaho, my husband says, “Look at those cows running.” I look over and see hundreds of buffalo running. It was so cool. It is hard to see them. They are the dark spot running from left to right near the top of the green.

We stayed over in Ogden, UT and headed out early the next day for Las Vegas. As we are driving, I am looking at cherry trees. Then I spot a sign “Cherries for Sale.”  We exited #242 for The Red Barn.  We bought fresh cherries and Cherry Concentrate Juice. It is a sour cherry juice I plan to use in my lemonade. It is a must stop if you are going through.

The best part of the trip was having and extra hour with the time change. I set the clock back and told my husband we had an extra hour, so we could stop at Zion National Park. My husband looked at me and laughed, “Smooth move.”

The red soil is called “Navajo Sandstsone.” It is found in Arizona, Utha, Nevada and Colorado. We camped at the southern end of Zion last year and since then it has become my favorite National Park. If you have a National Park Pass, this short trip through the park is great. If not, wait until you have time to visit the whole park.

As you leave Utah, you come into a small part of Arizona through the Virgin River Gorge. The drive is a fantastic view.

The Virgin River shaped this canyon. As you can see the river is flowing red. If you would like to see a video of the drive click here.

The drive from San Diego to Butte, MT on Interstate 15 have lots of cool things to see. This is just a small example from our trip to Montana and home. 🙂

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