SOS for Soakers

~This text arrived from daughter Sarah: “I just sent u a pattern and hoping ur in the mood to sew some fleece diaper covers for Bug. 8-)” A texting flurry ensued and this is the outcome. First surfed the web for a pattern. The best pattern is at Katrina’s Blogspot. She has a free pattern for sizes newborn to extra-extra-large. She has links for a extra lining for the soak zone, yardage layouts, instructions, and sizing chart. Texted the sizing chart back to Sarah. I printed out the patterns for the soaker and the liner. Sarah measured my 8 month old grandson – size large! After looking at examples on Etsy, I decided I wanted two different fabrics; one for the main body and one for the waistband and leg cuffs. Off to the fabric store. I purchased a non-pill, ocean-themed fleece for the body and and a solid, blue, regular fleece for the trim. There was a link for the pattern layout but it was for the soaker to be constructed entirely of the same fabric. I purchased 2/3 yds of both fabrics. I ended up with 6 soakers; I mixed and matched the liner, cuffs, and body. This should be enough soakers to last a few days.

Constructing the soakers

Step 1: Zigzag the liner onto the inside of the body.

Step 2: Using 1/4″ (one-quarter inch) seam allowance, sew the side seams of the pants, the waistband ends together, and the leg cuff edges together. I baby-locked the edges of the pants, but not the trim. I didn’t want the additional bulk for the trim.

Step 3: Divide the body into 4 equal parts and mark the quarter spots. Repeat with the waistband and two leg cuffs. Notice the white mark on the waistband and the purple mark on the body.

Step 4: Pin the waistband to the body, matching 1/4 marks. Stretch the waistband to fit the body, pin and sew. Repeat with the leg cuffs.

Step 5: After attaching the waistband and cuffs, baby-lock or zig-zag the seams. This is what the finished inside should look like:

Finished soaker. I chose an ocean theme since “my” baby lives in Hawaii. Surfs up dude! 😎 I sent them off – I am so proud of myself. I HATE going to the post office.

Here is precious Bug, the upcoming rock star, modeling the soakers! Aloha Bug!

Sarah says he keeps sitting down to feel the soakers. 😎

Love seeing Bug sitting in his favorite position in the soakers.

These are so easy to make and super quick to sew! Share pictures if you make some!


6 thoughts on “SOS for Soakers

  1. You did a very nice job on those soakers, and he’s quite the handsome boy.

    I remember making diapers and soakers before my daughter was born. I had dreams of making so many outfits while she was an infant. Ha, that never happened. I was too busy with her, to do much else. I might still have a pair, if I do I’ll take a picture and post a picture, linking back to your site (of course.)


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